How to Build Credibility as a Leader [Infographic]


Sophie HawkinsContent Marketer at Zoe Talent Solutions

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Credibility is a highly valuable commodity in business, and leaders who can establish themselves as credible are more likely to see higher levels of motivation and productivity in their teams. So how do you build your credibility as a leader?

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How to Build Credibility as a Leader [Infographic]

A leader can be said to have leadership credibility if they carry their duties for the good of everyone else and not just for themselves. This can be easily achieved when leaders cultivate genuine and strong relations with the people they lead. A credible leader speaks and acts in line with the principles of their followers.

This can also be referred to as integrity. It should however not be confused with honesty. As much as honesty is essential for a leader, it is not enough. This is because honesty may mean that someone acts in line with their interests and not for the people they lead. Integrity, however, is based more on principles and leading according to what they and their people stand for.

Credibility contributes so much to a leader’s success, and this is because they will find it easier to motivate their team and create harmonious working relationships.

This infographic from Zoe Talent Solutions looks at 10 ways you can build your leadership credibility.

How to Build Credibility as a Leader [Infographic]

Sophie Hawkins

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