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  • Cyber Resilience and the Important Role of Active Directory Recovery
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Cyber Resilience and the Important Role of Active Directory Recovery

In today’s hybrid cyber infrastructures, virtually all access to on-premises and cloud-based resources are tied to Active Directory accounts.

So, when a disaster such as a cyberattack or ransomware strikes, Active Directory recovery has to be a No. 1 priority. Data protection solutions are not enough, because AD recovery must be coordinated across every domain in the IT environment, and cloud-based recycle bin tools are fraught with holes. Organizations need a comprehensive recovery tool for both platforms, or else they will face a long road before they’re able to return to business as usual.

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Join this on-demand webcast to explore AD recovery and the role it plays in broader cyber resilience. You’ll learn:

  • How to develop an AD recovery plan that will better prepare you to weather the next storm
  • Best practices and tools for synching directory data in the event of a crisis
  • Smart solutions to automate the recovery process and prevent corruption of data as it’s brought back online