How to Prepare for the New Digital Society

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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The digital society isn’t an electronic government or a smart city. These are public sector components of the digital society and are not the digital society in its entirety.

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This new digital society in which we find ourselves has not been deliberately created or designed to certain specifications; it has evolved and developed as a result of digital interactions between people, organizations and things. Whilst all its member contribute to the construction of the digital society, they’re also equally responsible for it. Ethical technology designs, fair business models and transparent digital strategies all constitute the positive and constructive contributions to this new digital society.

Preparing for this new society means businesses need to adapt to the societal environment in which they find themselves. With businesses and society being completely interdependent of each other, it’s crucial this dependency isn’t ignored.

As a result, there is a larger responsibility in choosing technology and determining how it is used. Whilst a single business’ attempt to influence the digital society through responsible technological choices won’t trigger large-scale change, the digital society is built from the interactions of all members of society – including individual businesses. As part of that digital society, every decision, however small, influences the shape it takes and so it’s vital that all contributions are positive.

This infographic from Gartner deconstructs the digital society in its entirety to show how people, organizations and things are interacting to create the modern world.


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