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Webinar Hireright Understanding the New Landscape for Talent Acquisition

Understanding the New Landscape for Talent Acquisition and How It Impacts Background Screening

What are the employment related risks to consider and how can background screening help your company mitigate them?

For Talent Acquisition Managers, the current climate of recruiting has never been so fraught, with the ‘big resignation’ leading to a challenge never seen before. HireRight decided to partner with Forrester, a leading global market research company, to share their insights into what the new landscape will be and how it will impact background screening. Take a look at the video, with guest Forrester analyst Betsy Summers to discover more.

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Top Questions Answered:

  • Can you share some insights around navigating the new normal of hybrid working for Talent Acquisition Professionals
  • What are some of the recent technological developments and how are they increasing potential risk?
  • What is the cost of a bad hire and how might a company mitigate for this?