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Report Cornerstone OnDemand Five Ways our Brains are Changing

Five Ways our Brains are Changing

We don’t need to point out that society is changing fast...

A fundamental change in the way we think, learn, work and relax is occurring and there’s little doubt that technology is playing a major role in this rewiring. Beyond our fears of what ‘screen time’ does to children, the question of what technology does to our minds has got a lot of people thinking. Search online ‘How technology is changing the brain’ and you’ll get over 30 million results! With that in mind, this whitepaper takes a look at 5 brain changing trends and examines how we can hack learning to reflect them!

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Top Tips:

1. Encourage learning engagement by chunking it into smaller, easily accessible packets
2. Give employees the skills to access information rather than remembering it
3. Rebalance towards easily transferable soft skills that won’t become outdated
4. Encourage agile learning and a positive open attitude to new skills
5. Promote wellbeing programmes to reduce stress, increase happiness and boost productivity