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Report How Earned Wage Access Fosters a Culture of Respect

How Earned Wage Access Fosters a Culture of Respect

With earned wage access, employees can now access the money they have earned but have not yet been paid, rather than waiting until the antiquated payroll system gets around to grinding out the check.

Surveys consistently rank respect as the single most important factor in workplace engagement. When employees feel respected, they find their work more meaningful, they focus better, and they are more likely to stay with their organizations. And yet over half of employees report that they do not feel respected at work. That leads to lower engagement, higher turnover, less productivity, and greater health care costs.

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We’re investing to give our people financial tools that help provide more stability in their lives, which we believe will empower them to be all they can be when they are at work serving our customers.—Jacqui Canney, Chief People Officer, Walmart

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