How to Gain a Competitive Advantage by Improving Company Communications


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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Employee communications are even less organized when you factor in the vast numbers of individuals in deskless roles. As a result, companies in sectors with high levels of deskless staff, such as healthcare and hospitality, usually see their company communications in an even worse state than those who can utilize a range of popular computer and desk-based methods to get on top of internal communications problems.

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How to Gain a Competitive Advantage by Improving Company Communications
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Most organizations dedicate significant time and money to their external communications and marketing but neglect the importance of communications with their teams. The State of the Sector on Internal Communication found that just 43% of North American internal communicators are tasked solely with internal communication, which shows that many businesses don't prioritize this crucial element of their organization.

The development of Payactiv Connect has been driven by the aim of changing this. Payactiv Connect is an intuitive and effective communication platform built for organizations with deskless employees. It creates a central hub for communications and helps to push forward the importance of deskless employees in the organization, rather than leaving them as outliers, disconnected from HQ and decision making within the business.

Improving employee communications for business growth and competitive advantage

Companies able to harness effective communication with their worker pool can ensure they get the best from each worker. They can also tailor communications and related activities to the employees’ needs more effectively.

Organizations with high numbers of deskless employees may struggle without a connected way to contact them. This can make it challenging to manage shifts, cover absences and keep employers on top of company developments or announcements. Most companies in this position rely on text messaging, telephone calls and emails, as well as signage around clocking in and out stations and noticeboards. This is much less effective than utilizing a purpose-built platform designed for company communications and keeping employees updated with the information they need. It’s also worth keeping in mind that 80% of deskless employees don’t have a corporate email address, so there is a safety concern if you choose to send company information via this method.

Payactiv Connect bridges the gap between deskless employees and the organizations they work for. It ensures they have instant access to vital company information from procedures to safety and training to benefits and incentives. It also has the additional use of shift coordination built-in, providing employees with the flexibility they crave from the workplace, which is notoriously hard to come by in deskless roles.

Payactiv Connect can be used for communicating a wide range of messages, including:

  • Company announcements, including new initiatives, product launches and new procedures.
  • HR and training including a central hub for documentation, including employee handbooks, vaccination statuses and safety and compliance policies.
  • Emergency alerts, including critically important COVID-19 closures which may result in shift cancellations and extreme weather alerts.
  • Group and social communications including clubs and interests, business and social events and celebrating departmental success.
  • One-to-one communication through direct messaging which allows for communication between employees and managers, as well as between managers and employee-to-employee.

Making employee communications easy and accessible

Payactiv Connect is a fully mobile platform, giving employers the chance to send their communications directly to deskless employees, exactly where they are. Similarly, Payactiv Connect is an add-on for the existing Payactiv app, already used by many employees for financial management purposes. In addition, company announcements arrive by push notification, and employees can be reminded about training sessions as well as the opportunity to pick up additional shifts through simple phone notifications.

The social side of the platform helps to bring teams together. Emergence's The State of Technology for the Deskless Workforce reports happy and engaged employees are much more productive and have up to 43% lower turnover rates than those who are not. Building motivational and fun group chats and messaging helps deskless employees feel part of the organization's community and, in turn, more committed to its success.

Employees who feel connected to your organization will work towards its common goal. Improving communications with employees you may not see day-to-day helps reinforce their importance as part of the organization. The Global Human Capital Trends survey found 93% of respondents feel a sense of belonging drives organizational performance. Statistics like this show just how vital it is to connect with your employees and make communications straightforward and inclusive.

Stand out from the competition through company communications

New research suggests over a third of deskless workers want to quit their job. But, of course, you don't want your employees to be included in this statistic, and your communications strategy and approach is one way of keeping them engaged. The 2022 Global Culture Report from O.C. Tanner found 45% of workers said the number of people they interact with at work has fallen in the last year. It also suggests that without "the opportunities or tools to meaningfully connect with each other, collaboration, wellbeing, and work performance suffer, and burnout increases," and this is why we believe Payactiv Connect is the perfect solution.

While other organizations are looking for ways to increase revenue, push sales and market new products, they forget about one of their most valuable resources; their people. Investing in improved communications for your deskless employees is an excellent step forward in showing how they are valued by the business. Giving them access to work-related communications, shift scheduling and money management support on a single platform makes it easy for deskless employees to stay connected. It also helps them feel like part of the organization, rather than simply doing a job they could do for anyone.

Giving your deskless employees the tools to succeed should be something every employer aspires to. If you're looking to improve communications and get ahead of the competition, Payactiv Connect is an ideal solution. It ensures you have a direct line to your deskless employees, and that they’re updated with all organizational messaging and announcements.


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