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Report Globalization Partners PANGEO Predictions 2023

PANGEO Predictions 2023

Expert-fueled opinions on the trends that will shape 2023

Right when we thought the impacts of the pandemic had begun to recede, 2022 was hit by a cost-of-living crisis, the darkening clouds of a potential global recession, and the phenomenon of “quiet quitting.” With crisis after crisis, it has become increasingly clear that a company’s resilience and ability to look forward will be vital to achieving long-term success in the upcoming year and beyond. Shedding light on some of the issues companies can expect to face, the inaugural PANGEO Predictions by G-P series delivered a 10-day, expert-fueled event aimed at helping companies prepare for 2023.

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  • What top trends will impact the way we view remote work.
  • How the employer-employee relationship will evolve.
  • Why 2023 is expected to be the year of career flexibility.