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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Having the right balance of personalities in your team can be the secret to a successful HR department. But which one are you?

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4 Personalities Every HR Department Needs

With communication being at the heart of human resources, having the right balance of personalities is crucial. This not only allows for the department - and individual teams - to run effectively but equips you to support the wider company too.



But what traits are key to a modern HR department?

The Organizer

Modern HR teams have so much more to handle than just hiring and firing employees. Now professionals in this area have to balance employee retention, morale, professional development and many other disciplines to be effective. This makes the Organizer a key part of any team. They are able to efficiently plan, evaluate and put strategies in place to implement employee relations throughout the company, without ever dropping the ball elsewhere.

However, it's not just the rest of the company that get to benefit from the Organizer, as they are the driving force of any HR-wide social events or training too.

The Listener

Communication is one of the most important elements of HR, so it's no surprise that the Listener is such a crucial person to have on your team. It's important for the effective running of the wider organization that employees feel able to approach professionals in HR and that their concerns will be understood.

Listeners allow people to talk freely and openly with them, whether this in within your team or in a professional capacity to an employee from another department. One of the most skilled traits shared by Listeners is that they are able to provide unbiased, non-judgmental advice for almost any problem experienced by an employee or colleague.

The Coach

Often seen as a parent of the group, the Coach is the one who motivates the rest of the department to be the very best professional they can be. This can in be relation to personal development or something more company focused, but either way they are an integral part of any HR team.

The Coach is one of the most well-liked people on the team because of their ability to bring out the best in every professional, helping them to realize their true potential. This ability also makes them very popular with the organization's decision makers.

The Judge

Every HR team needs a Judge; that one professional you can go to when you have no idea what direction to take. If there's an issue of what should be done about misconduct or the company's recruitment strategy, they are the first people that others will go to.

They are fantastic problem solvers, developing solutions that few others have thought about before, but they're also able to understand how employees may be affected. This balance is a crucial part of running any HR department and makes the Judge one of the most valuable professionals.

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