The State of HR: Insights for 2018


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Monday, January 22, 2018

A new year can mean many things, and for some it’s the beginning of new challenges, but what does this mean for HR and how do they view the coming year?

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The State of HR: Insights for 2018

Despite the beginning of the year often thought of as a new start, many professionals will find themselves tackling old challenges which can often hinder their progress. In this fast-paced digital world, businesses are having to face and overcome a wide variety of challenges.

With HR being the pinnacle of successful business, these challenges are often creating more damage than businesses realize. With issues ranging from inconsistent communication between departments, to hiring the right talent and managing employee turnover, HR departments everywhere are finding that a new year isn’t always a clean slate.

Alongside this, new trends are constantly emerging, allowing HR to tackle these challenges head on. But these trends are only going to help once they’re implemented and so overcoming the hurdle of including new elements to a HR strategy can be its own problem.

For many, the rise in company culture, ongoing performance reviews and stress and wellbeing means that HR is able to create a fully inclusive and immersive workforce experience that everyone is able to benefit from.

But where does HR currently stand in this ever-changing workforce and how are they coping the increasing demands from businesses and employees? Take a look at our latest infographic that uncovers the current state of HR.

IFP reveals The State of HR: Insights for 2018

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