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Report Globalization Partners 2023 Global Workforce Trends

2023 Global Workforce Trends

The Year of Employee Wellbeing and Growth

Global events over the past several years have brought massive cultural changes to the workplace, be it the breakout of remote working, or unsettling trends like “Quiet Quitting.” Our latest Global Workforce Trends review, explores what factors are likely to affect our working environments in 2023. Investing in mental health, accepting workplace flexibility as an expected employee benefit, re-evaluating upskilling and soft skills, and navigating toward sustainability to attract and retain talent, will all be part of the rapid changes the global workforce is facing this year.

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  • How much anxiety and depression cost the global economy and what companies can do to course-correct.
  • Why workplace flexibility is being ranked as a top benefit when employees are considering a new position.
  • Why upskilling, internal mobility, and investing in soft skills will be critical to combat trends like the “Great Resignation” and Quiet Quitting in 2023.