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Report Allocadia ROI V Attribution: Don’t Miss the Forest for the Trees

ROI V Attribution: Don’t Miss the Forest for the Trees

ROI and attribution are two terms that marketers are very familiar with – or are they?

After noticing a disturbing trend of marketers using the terms ROI and attribution interchangeably, we knew we needed to address the problem head-on. They are both valuable measurements, but only if they are being used properly. ROI is part of your measurement toolkit to establish a marketing strategy and benchmark your success throughout the year. Attribution is a subset of that ROI equation, and measures performance on a granular level. Download this eBook to learn why understanding when to apply ROI and when to implement attribution is necessary for any marketer that wants to create impact.

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Marketing ROI is a valuable KPI, but only with the right perspective. Unfortunately many companies calculate MROI with incomplete data or they aren’t sure how to determine healthy ratios or how to use the data for creating efficiencies. Depending on a company’s maturity stage, MROI may not be the priority, especially during aggressive growth phases. When I have calculated MROI for companies, the first question a CEO or CFO often asks: “Is that a good number?