Why Your Mobile Campaigns are Suffering (And How to Save Them)


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Monday, November 23, 2020

Treating mobile marketing in the same way as other campaigns overlooks the distinct features that will make it a success.

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Why Your Mobile Campaigns are Suffering (And How to Save Them)

Mobile marketing shouldn’t be overlooked, as 3.5 billion people use mobile devices when researching, engaging in content and shopping online. Your brand needs to be in this space, but so many are falling into common traps that let their mobile campaigns down. Make sure you avoid making these mistakes.

1. You’re not optimizing mobile ads

Having a comprehensive optimization strategy is paramount to ensuring no area of your marketing slips through the net. Mobile ads require a significant amount of investment to get them up and running, so make sure they’re maximizing their potential with optimized ad copy, which will help iOS and Android searchers easily find what they want.

2. You’re not fixing broken links

Every broken link in a mobile campaign represents a lost opportunity, so check each one before setting your ads live. Error messages frustrate potential customers, damage your conversion rate and tarnish your reputation.

3. Your opt-in is too complicated

QR codes were once thought to be the answer to making opt-in processes easy, but they haven’t proved to be the magic solution we thought. Simplify things with an SMS option too, so there’s no hurdles to getting your audience on board.

4. You’re leaving out crucial information

The misconception that mobile marketing intrinsically means limited information is leaving many customers without the facts they’re looking for. Incentivize participation with clear calls to action, social media buttons and links to landing pages.

5. Your mobile marketing efforts are in a silo

Creating an omnichannel experience is vital to ensure you don’t miss out on conversions. Many customers change channels during the process and often close the deal on a different channel to the one they started on. If your brand isn’t present on multiple channels, you risk losing out on customers.

6. You’re not being privacy and data compliant

Laws are constantly changing with regard to privacy and data, putting the onus on businesses to ensure they don’t breach them. While most slip-ups aren’t willful, they can tarnish a brand’s reputation, making knowledge of the current rules surrounding email, unsolicited texts and data storage vitally important.

7. You’re following trends

Marketers understand that brands need to be seen to be keeping up with the times and employing the latest techniques in the mobile arena. This can lead to them focusing too heavily on fashionable elements and neglecting vital tools that help establish relationships, generate engagement and increase conversions.

8. You’re not using engaging content

Consuming content on a mobile device means it’s being presented on a small screen, which should always be kept in mind when designing campaigns. While engaging content is always important, it must take even more of a priority on a mobile screen.

9. You have excessive loading times

Desktop users tend to have more patience, but the immediate nature of mobile means loading times need to be fast. Optimizing loading speed will ensure the attention and patience of customers isn’t lost.

10. You forget to track results

Running a campaign without a measurement strategy makes it very difficult to know whether it has been a success. This is problematic for a number of reasons, especially as you miss the opportunity to gain important insight into what works for the future.

11. You haven’t categorized your audience

The behavior of your target audience will vary significantly. Failure to recognize this and apply categories to your user base will mean you treat them all in the same way despite their differing needs, making it far more likely that you’ll fall short of servicing them to your full potential.

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