Why Mobile Marketing Is Taking Charge


Karthik ReddyCommunity Manager at Website Builder

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Marketers have dreamed of being in front of their audience 24/7. With mobile technology, that dream becomes a reality.

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Why Mobile Marketing Is Taking Charge [Infographic]

The details of mobile marketing’s rise tell the story of this ever-growing connection to consumers, as the Website Builder documents.

Here are a few ways mobile is taking over the marketing conversation.

Rapid growth

Cellphones have been around for over 20 years. Yet the adoption of texting opened new avenues for marketers.

The first mobile ad via SMS appeared in 2000. Since then, growth has been incredible. Consequently, by 2011, mobile marketing was a $14 billion industry. In 2017, over a third of all e-commerce took place over mobile.

Life integration

You only need to watch people walk down the street to notice how integrated the mobile phone has become in our everyday lives.

Today, people use mobile technology to take photos (92%), visit social networks (79%), tend to personal (77%) and lifestyle (64%) activities, play games (88%), and map routes (94%).

Most noteworthy for marketers, four out of five people use their devices to shop.

Effective channel

So mobile marketing is big business – but does it work?

Experts estimate commerce over smartphones at nearly $84 billion in the U.S. alone. As a result, brands have noticed and aim over half their digital ad dollars at mobile marketing. In addition, mobile coupons are redeemed at a 10% clip – while traditional coupons earn a 1% redemption rate.

(H)App(y) customers

Mobile applications are changing the way people use their devices.

First of all, users spend 90% of their time on apps, compared to 10% on mobile websites. And they stick around, too – for an average of 3 minutes 15 seconds. Also, click-through rates are more than double for apps versus mobile sites.

The bottom line: Customers spend 18 times as long on apps as they do on mobile websites.

With mobile’s skyrocketing growth, the best question is, what will be the next breakthrough?

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