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Ebook Box - Box and ECM: Key Integrations That Drive Digital Transformation

Box and ECM: Key Integrations That Drive Digital Transformation

Legacy ECM solutions simply can't keep up with the way you work today. Work is more mobile, more collaborative, more agile. Business processes must be intelligent. And customer expectations never stop growing. Fortunately, cloud-based ECM solutions are rising to the challenge. Our new eBook, Box and ECM: Key Integrations that Drive Digital Transformation, details how Cloud Content Management provides the security of a traditional ECM system with the usability, mobility and user-friendly experience that customers and users expect today.

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  • How Cloud Content Management maximizes the value of all your content across its entire lifecycle
  • How Box integrations with best-of-breed vendors can help you modernize your enterprise content management strategy
  • How Box integrations nail four key ECM processes, from capturing content digitally to using AI to extract insight