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Report SAP The Next Steps in Digital Transformation

The Next Steps in Digital Transformation

How small and midsize companies are applying technology to meet key business goals...

Digital transformation is directly related to the changing digital economy with individuals, businesses, and society becoming interconnected in real-time, supported by technology. Almost all small businesses and midsize firms have some of these digital transformation resources in place but effective deployment and integration are needed to bring your firm to the next level of business performance. This whitepaper explores the next steps in digital transformation for your business.

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How to manage your digital transformation:

  1. New technology should be integrated effectively, leveraging and contributing to key internal databases for maximum impact.
  2. Digital transformation is a process, not a destination. It supports company business objectives at the highest level.
  3. Direct and continuing participation of senior management and line-of-business executives as well as IT management is key. Flexibility and agility in technology investment is good, but it should contribute to digital transformation objectives.