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Report Cognism 10 Ways to Improve Your Cold Calling Strategy

10 Ways to Improve Your Cold Calling Strategy

Is cold calling dead?

The experts have said so - and the statistics paint such a bleak picture of the industry it’s enough to make even the most experienced cold caller give up! In reality, cold calling will always be a vital part of the sales process. It’s fast, cost effective and can be a very powerful tool. But if you want to maximise your chances of cold calling success you have to put a strategy in place, and if you have a strategy and aren’t seeing results it needs improvements! This guide provides 10 ways to supercharge your cold calling operation.

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  • Always make sure to look up your prospects on LinkedIn.
  • Has the prospect published a blog or written any articles online? If so, read them!
  • Are there any career events in the prospect’s life that you can mention? Use these events in your cold call to help forge a stronger relationship.
  • Listen more and be sure to ask lots of questions.