The Relationship Between Top Management and Employees: 5 Reasons Why It's Important


Emily WilsonBusiness Psychologist

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A relationship between the management and employees can greatly impact the overall business and its success. Here's 5 reasons why.

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The Relationship Between Top Management and Employ

A poor relationship is something that can significantly hinder the growth of the company and its position on the market. In addition, it affects people’s lives and creates a barrier that is not so easily taken down.

This is a fragile relationship and usually, the employee is under a lot of pressure to maintain their position in the company. Economic situation and consequent issues can make an employee endure more than they can really handle. However, the more stress employees feel, the bigger the likelihood that it will lead to serious consequence for the business.

Therefore, management and employees have to establish healthy ways of communication and base their relationship on mutual respect. This is important for various reasons, including the five below:

1. Productivity

As a pillar of business, productivity is what will get a company to achieve its goals. Companies that pay attention to their employees have an  and benefit from bigger profits. There are many tactics an employer can use to boost productivity in the workplace, and almost all of them include having better and healthier relationships with employees.

Organizing team building activities or providing a recreational room can help you create a better relationship with your employees. It will also help them relax from the stressful days at work and feel more appreciated. Ask for their opinion and ideas when necessary and show them that you value their work by praising them publicly.

2. Loyalty

An engaged employee will help you attract not only more talented and expert individuals to work for you, but they will also become brand ambassadors. This means that they will promote your values and products with utmost belief in them and thus provide you with the best marketing. To achieve this kind of behavior, you have to show your employees that you respect them.

You can do this by turning the office space into a pet-friendly environment, for example. Studies show that bringing a dog to the workplace can reduce stress and create a comfortable working environment.

Another effective method is to show them you care about their health by organizing yearly screenings and provide them with ergonomic chairs and appropriate equipment. This kind of appreciation and worry for the health of your employees is something that will create better, loyal and diligent working force.

3. Profit

Every business expects to profit from its operations. The profit depends on the productivity of your employees and the way they perceive your company. However, the amount of effort you put into creating a healthy working environment is also an important part of this.

Provide your employees with the best equipment necessary for their work so they can create the best possible products and services. This will help you position yourself in the market and increase your sales.

Also, investing in employees' education and training is another way to build a new knowledge database and come up with modern ideas. Well-trained employees can improve the production process and give you a positive reputation among the customers. This, in turn, is going to grow your profits and your company.

4. Motivation

Motivation will help you establish high levels of productivity and loyalty. It is a manner of creating a reliable employee who wants to be there and help you grow your business. One of the ways to work on motivation is by creating a reward system which doesn’t necessarily include monetary compensation. For example, you can give your employees a paid trip to a certain destination after a successful transaction or achieving important goals.

By investing in the leadership development of the top management, you will help them expand their knowledge and build their awareness of the relationships in the workplace. The best motivation comes from the appreciation of your superiors, so your employees will value your efforts.

5. Communication

The key to any relationship is good communication. If this is not present in interpersonal relations in the office, you will have a range of problems, including everything from wrongly understood tasks to a misinterpreted exchange of words. One of the things you can do to improve communication is to create an open office space where a manager will sit with their team.

Including employees in meetings and being transparent about the company’s goal is another way to create a more approachable and comfortable environment. Good communication between the top management and employees will create respect, admiration and drive.

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