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Case Study THALES Software-Based Licensing

Software-Based Licensing: How Vaxtor Increases Revenue and Improves Customer Satisfaction

With Thales Sentinel now rolled out across all Vaxtor software products, the company is taking full advantage of the benefits that have been enabled by the Sentinel solution.

Vaxtor Recognition Technologies are specialists in license plate recognition and deliver high-performance real-time Automatic License Plate (ALPR) and other OCR solutions to a variety of sectors. Vaxtor products solve real-world problems with world-class technology. Your business can rely on Vaxtor products for flexibility, ease of implementation and successful integration of next-generation technology with real-time reporting. Download this case study to discover how Vaxtor improved revenue in the process of migrating to software-based licensing and managed to maintain its flexibility while using software-based and hardware keys.

Report Snap Shot

  • Inital Challenges prior to Vaxtor Implementation
  • The Collaboration of Vaxtor and Thales Sentinel 
  • The Implementation and Results