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Webinar Sunrise Extending Boundaries with Integration [webinar]

Extending Boundaries with Integration [webinar]

The Service Desk has transformed from ticketing and password resets to COVID home-working savior. From the silo of IT to collaboration via integration with key digital services.

COVID-19 has accelerated the already fast-developing IT landscape. IT service management now supports the entire company structure, not just IT. To thrive in this new environment, embracing the “new normal” by optimizing service management platforms is imperative for businesses to stay competitive. This is about moving forward from the traditional role of the service desk without losing sight of its most basic function: supporting the users. Watch this webinar to find out more about how service desk integration can add business value.

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  • The Benefits of Wider Use of ITSM Software
  • Integrations you Can't Afford To Miss
  • Key Applications Beyond IT
  • How an Open Platform Can Adapt to New Opportunities