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Infographic COMMVAULT Ransomware: How to Best Prepare and Protect

Ransomware: How to Best Prepare and Protect

It used to be a question of if, now it's a question of when?

With more than 18 months of uncertainty around world events and business challenges, IT continues to face a chaotic landscape with ever-evolving threats like ransomware, lack of agility, and the overall need for data resiliency. Many organisations have the misconception that legacy, and even contemporary, tools are sufficient for ransomware protection. Misconceptions can expose weaknesses and leave companies exposed to potential and often successful ransomware attacks. Preparation is a requirement for success. Recovery must be simple and fast. Ransomware protection that is overly complex to plan, prevent, monitor, restore, and test means that the ransomware recovery environment may have gaps and greater risk. Download our one-stop guide on how to best prepare and protect yourself against ransomware.

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  • 75% of IT organisations will face one or more ransomware attacks.