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Report Zscaler Could Ransomware Cost You Your Job?

Could Ransomware Cost You Your Job?

Cloud sandboxing protection is as essential to security as keys are to encryption. Preventing CIOs and CISOs from having to make excuses when it comes to APTs, zero-days, and ransomware.

There can be no doubt that every organization now requires advanced malware protection - yet plenty have implemented nothing. Do these organizations recklessly believe they won’t be targeted? Do they think their investment in a midrange sandboxing system will be sufficient protection, in spite of the fact that it can be easily bypassed? Or do they simply accept the risk and hope for the best?

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Chapters in this guide include:

  • Stopping malware: How confident are you?
  • Connecting the dots between malware and cloud sandboxing
  • How to crack the code on advanced malware
  • Call to action checklist for beating malware