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Report Sophos SamSam: The (Almost) Six Million Dollar Ransomware

SamSam: The (Almost) Six Million Dollar Ransomware

Has the notorious SamSam ransomware caused far more harm than previously thought?

SophosLabs has uncovered a trove of information about the ransomware, which uses secretive, targeted attacks that differ from the splashy, messy, but effective methods large-scale ransomware attacks use. Rather than stealing money through many, many small transactions over a vast number of victims, SamSam uses targeted attacks by a skilled team or individual, causing maximum damage by tailoring the attack to each victim, with ransom demands in the tens of thousands of dollars. SamSam has remained elusive, used stealthily and sparingly compared to over headline-grabbing ransomware attacks, undergoing several key evolutions over time. It is a very different sort of ransomware, used roughly once per day in one devastating, handcrafted attack.

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This paper reveals a host of new information on SamSam, examining:

  • How it works, how it spreads and how widespread it really is
  • Why we're only just recognising how large an impact SamSam has had 
  • How your organization can guard against this sort of tailor-made, targeted attack.