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Report Intercity Technology Securing the Future of the NHS

Securing the Future of the NHS

Back in 2017, WannaCry hit not only the NHS but also businesses as large as FedEx, with over 300,000 computers becoming infected.

Mikko Hypponen, Chief Research Officer at the Helsinki-based cybersecurity company F-Secure, called the attack “the biggest ransomware outbreak in history.” Did the NHS and other organisations do enough to prevent such an attack? Intercity Technology asked 143 Trusts, and 80 responded by commenting on the downtime they experienced following a breach (including WannaCry, Locky and Zepto viruses).

Report Snap Shot

143 NHS Trusts in England were asked the below questions. 80 trusts responded.

  1. Who is responsible for the security monitoring of your IT networks?
  2. How many times, if any, have you suffered a breach in the last three years as a result of unpatched or outdated software?
  3. Have you suffered any downtime as a result of any IT security issues in the last three years, if so which parts of your IT infrastructure were down and for approximately how long?