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Report Osterman Research How to Reduce the Risk of Phishing and Ransomware

How to Reduce the Risk of Phishing and Ransomware

Cybersecurity challenges abound for organisations across the world

Ransomware is a second critical threat, with a well-played ransomware attack capable of bringing an organisation to a complete halt, and in some cases putting it out of business permanently. Both phishing and ransomware were critical threats before the health pandemic of 2020 forced a sudden shift to remote working, and such a move has only served to intensify the threat levels.

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  • The survey commissioned for this research looks specifically at the threats of phishing and ransomware, and how the risks of both can be reduced.
  • Half of organisations believe they are effective at counteracting various phishing and ransomware threats
  • Only 16% of organisations reported no security incident types related to phishing and ransomware in the past 12 months. In other words, it is a widespread problem for most organisations.
  • The most effective mitigations against phishing attacks, from our research
  • And so much more!