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Report Silver Peak Top 9 WAN Customer Care-Abouts

Top 9 WAN Customer Care-Abouts

Enabling the Cloud-first Branch

As the leading independent SD-WAN solution provider, Silver Peak has now helped more than 600 customers deploy solutions that address cloud-first enterprise challenges. This paper describes what customers have told Silver Peak are the Top 9 benefits or “care-abouts” that an application-driven, Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN has provided to their businesses.

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Customer care-abouts including:

  • Accelerate Access to Cloud-based Apps (SaaS and IaaS)
  • Improve Application Availability, Performance and Optimize Bandwidth
  • Improve WAN Resiliency
  • Ensure Consistent App Security and Maintain Compliance
  • Provide Advanced Visibility, Control, and Enable Faster Troubleshooting