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  • Automating Hybrid Multi-Cloud Delivery: Essential Security Practices
Webinar Citrix

Citrix Boot Camp Session: Automating Hybrid Multi-Cloud Delivery: Essential Security Practices

A robust security framework is core to successfully leveraging applications and services across multiple architectures and between multiple clouds.

In this session we’ll describe the practices that go beyond simply enabling features to help you automate security outcomes and achieve operational excellence.

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Learn how to:

  • Deliver the fundamentals of ADC while automating and adapting
  • Protect critical web applications with WAF learning and guiding
  • Manage the behavior of both good and evil bots for availability
  • Orchestrate interoperability and extensibility with API gateway
  • Provide identity and access management while controlling lifecycle usage
  • Scale from development containers to the datacenter, cloud and service mesh
  • Assure actionable, relevant insights and visibility through analytics and correlations