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  • 10 Questions, 10 Answers: VMware Cloud on AWS
Report VMWare 10 Questions, 10 Answers: VMware Cloud on AWS

10 Questions, 10 Answers: VMware Cloud on AWS

What makes for a best-in-class enterprise cloud?

IT leaders focused on finding ways to become more agile, accelerate innovation, and better optimise costs are finding success with hybrid clouds. VMware Cloud™ on AWS seamlessly supports workloads on-premises and in the public cloud and provides the flexibility to choose where the workloads run. In this guide VMware compiles industry statistics, frequently asked questions, and links to additional resources to keep you in the know.

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  • 50% of CEOs expect their industries to be substantially or unrecognizably transformed by digital. 
  • 15%  of global IT workloads are located in the public cloud today. By 2030, it's estimates that 50% of all workloads will run in the cloud. 

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