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LumApps is a leading Employee Experience Platform founded in 2015 to unify the modern workforce through better communication, engagement, and instant access to information. Integrated with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, LumApps intelligently connects people, information, and business applications to empower employees and enhance productivity. The product tailors each experience to the unique needs of the employee, from executives and managers to frontline workers. LumApps is a true SaaS platform, designed to scale to the needs of today’s largest enterprises and is easily accessible across any device or language.

A Strategy for Performance and Retention


Employee engagement is the evaluation of enthusiasm and dedication an employee feels toward their job, and the relationship between an organization and its employees.


How to Earn Employee Trust & Retain Top Talent

Explore how employee experience impacts retention and employee engagement by examining the latest data and market trends.


Create the ideal digital workspace with our top tips for a well-functioning hybrid environment.

A Checklist

Employee Retention Strategies for the Digital Workplace

Employee Retention Strategies for the Digital Workplace

Call it the Great Resignation, the Big Quit or another name, employees of all types are leaving their jobs in droves. Employers find the situation vastly worrying, and rightly so. The cost of voluntary turnover in the U.S. alone was estimated to be a trillion dollars in 2019. The Great Resignation will only drive that number higher. Two questions arise. First, why are employees leaving? And what can employers do about it — if anything?

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This report includes 823 employer responses, all from workers at large companies (more than 1,000 employees) and 1,019 employee responses. 38% of survey respondents are at or above director level.

One platform, Infinite experiences

LumApps is an employee experience platform that engages every employee with personalized communications, regardless of location or language, and empowers them to do their best work by connecting them with the tools, people and information they need to get the job done.