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Case Study Contact Center Increases Recruitment 25% with Payactiv

Contact Center Increases Recruitment 25% with Payactiv

For more than twenty years, Results has provided premier customer service solutions to major brands across a range of industries.

Results’ Chief Experience Officer Lori Brown visited several of Results’ call centers across the U.S. and interviewed hundreds of employees. Consistently, Brown heard that as much as employees loved working for Results, they were struggling to make ends meet between paychecks. Unexpected expenses, like a broken-down car, always seemed to strike when payday was still days away. Employees told Lori these and other choices created significant stress that affected their ability to provide top quality results at work.

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"Our employees are our advocates. They’re the ones that will go out and tell everyone else how great a company we are and to come work for us. Payactiv is a big differentiator between us and the provider down the Street." - Lori Brown, Chief Experience Officer, The Results Companies