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Ebook Empowered Decision-Making for Purchasing HR Technology

Empowered Decision-Making for Purchasing HR Technology

HR technology has come a very long way. If you’re in the market to buy new people management software, there’s an enormous amount to be considered.

You need to identify your business objectives that modern HCM can assist with, do the research, and obtain crucial executive buy-in for your preferred solution. Where do you get started? Janine Nicole Dennis, owner and chief innovations officer at Talent Think Innovations, LLC, applies her years of expertise to this question. She draws upon substantial industry knowledge and offers a comprehensive guide to identifying a value proposition for your team on building the best possible business case for new technology.

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Technology is not our adversary. It should be seen as an ally and co-creator in improving the things at home and work that continue to be difficult, elusive, or out-of-reach.