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Report Ultimate Software AI in HR: Job Threat or Business Growth Opportunity

AI in HR: Job Threat or Business Growth Opportunity

There are mixed reactions when you bring up incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into fields where human decision-making is a primary need, such as human resources.

On the negative end of the spectrum, people often argue and worry about job security and the possibility that these technologies could replace humans. However, those less averse to change would say that these technologies will not just help, but enhance business productivity and decision-making. One thing is for sure: the traditional HR model is in need of an upgrade. Download this guide to learn more.

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Here are a few key HR challenges that can be addressed by cognitive computing:­ 

  • Slow transformation of skills (40%)­
  • Overly complex HR processes (39%)­
  • Lack of agility in responding to change (38%)­
  • Slow response to employees (35%)