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Case Study Software Advice Applicant Tracking FrontRunners Report 2023

Applicant Tracking FrontRunners Report 2023

Finding the right Applicant Tracking software for your business takes time and effort

There are hundreds of products on the market, and even just narrowing down your search to a small handful of options requires a considerable amount of work. But here at Software Advice, our mission is to make the software buying process simpler. That’s why we created this Applicant Tracking FrontRunners Report, which highlights all the need-to-know products in a single, convenient graphic. Here’s how we did it: First, we analyzed thousands of Software Advice user reviews to find the Applicant Tracking tools that score highest for usability and customer satisfaction. We then averaged all the scores, ranked the products accordingly, and plotted the top-reviewed on an easy-to-read grid, so you can survey the market and identify a user-approved solution in a matter of minutes.

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