7 Essential DAM Integrations All Marketing Ops Teams Need


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Monday, January 9, 2023

Digital asset management systems play an important role in any organization. However, while DAM software is important in itself, it becomes an even more powerful asset when integrated with other tools your business relies on.

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7 Essential DAM Integrations All Marketing Ops Teams Need

Digital asset management (DAM) software is employed by organizations and marketing teams to safely store, organize and share various digital media files. By integrating DAM solutions with the other tools your teams know and love, you can not only increase the adoption of the platform itself but also enhance productivity, streamline communication and collaboration and improve workflow throughout the organization.

Here are some must-have DAM integrations to ensure modern businesses get the most out of their investment.

1. Content management systems (CMS)

A CMS system is used to manage different aspects of digital content for your organization, such as your website. WordPress and Hubspot are famous examples of CMS platforms.

DAM and CMS integration can increase the productivity of your teams and empower them to work more efficiently by simplifying the process of content creation and editing.

Team members can access digital publication assets and add them to your website, blog and other pages without having to download and reupload content. Instead, everything is available in an organized and up-to-date asset library.

2. Customer relationship management (CRM)

A CRM enables companies to manage their contact information and interactions with customers across various touchpoints. It’s an up-to-date database that stores and tracks customer data in a single location.

Integrating your CRM with DAM software reduces the amount of time required for employees to share content among themselves and with customers and prospects. It allows you to optimize workflows as digital assets can be more easily discovered and shared among teams. Moreover, it provides your team with access to updated assets without them having to leave the CRM to locate, download and share them.

3. Project management systems

Project management systems enable everyone in the organization to stay up to date with projects they’re involved with and individual responsibilities that are assigned to them. They provide an organized space in which content can be managed and assigned as tasks. In essence, they help keep team members productive and accountable for the things they have to do.

Integrating your DAM and project management system effectively streamlines the creative process by enabling team members to access any digital assets they might need while also helping ensure that everything produced stays on-brand. They’ll be able to locate the latest, most relevant assets without having to leave the application. This integration is particularly useful if your organization operates with geographically dispersed teams, as all project details and content are stored in a centralized location that’s easily accessible.

4. Design software

Various types of design software are used by different teams to store and manage assets and accelerate the creative process. For instance, this type of platform may store files for web design, creative content creation, graphics and more.

DAM integrations with design software mean that all of your creative teams’ project files are securely stored and available to them on demand. This means that they can work faster when carrying out design tasks without interrupting their workflow or anyone else’s. For instance, if a member of the design team is out of office, the person covering for them can step in without hassle or project disruption.

5. Identity management platforms

Identity management platforms are used to keep track of licenses, passwords and user access to accounts across the company. This ensures business data is kept safe through single sign-on to every platform to reduce security risks and mitigate any issues your team might encounter when it comes to digital accessibility. Furthermore, organizations can allow or remove employee access to multiple platforms from a single touchpoint.

Integrating this tool with DAM allows you to benefit from an extra layer of security for your digital assets. It simplifies user access and password management, enabling everyone who needs to use those assets to do so in a safe and secure way. In turn, this reduces any costs you might incur associated with IT support and streamlines business processes.

6. Social media management systems

Whichever social media management system you use, you can benefit from integrating it with DAM. Social campaigns typically require various digital assets from a company to ensure they’re visually appealing and compel the audience to engage.

DAM integration means employees who handle social media have access to all your images, video and other digital content within the DAM library without having to leave the management platform they’re using. This streamlines their workflows and enables them to be more productive while wasting less time switching between platforms.

7. Product information management (PIM)

PIM solutions provide businesses with a centralized location where they can share accurate product data across multiple ecommerce platforms such as their website, social media pages, Amazon marketplace and more. The purpose of this is to ensure product information and descriptions are up-to-date and enriched with everything needed for the purpose of marketing and selling.

If you operate with multiple ecommerce platforms, integrating your DAM with your PIM solution can help you to automate the process of updating product information. You can link them to ensure products are always accompanied by the right images, videos and other visual assets.

DAM integrations allow your employees to benefit from streamlined workflows, improved collaboration and better security. Their purpose is to ensure your teams have the most seamless experience possible when working across multiple software platforms, allowing them to make the most of their workday.

If you’re not already taking advantage of DAM integrations, it might be time to start. Your marketing team will thank you for it.

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