7 Ways to Strengthen Your Brand in 2018


Mike TortoriceSEO and Digital Marketing Manager at Infront Webworks

Friday, January 5, 2018

Starting a new year is the perfect opportunity to examine your past challenges and focus on creating future successes.

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7 Ways to Strengthen Your Brand in 2018

Knowing your business inside and out is crucial, but for it to reach its full potential often involves sorting through a blizzard of information and technical choices.

Creating content and getting your company name out there also means distilling your message to potential clients so that it holds their attention long enough to hit that critical purchase link. This could be anything from a clever 140 character tweet to a six second GIF or provocative meme. But the ever growing number of online options does not necessarily mean this gets more difficult. Instead, here are the top seven tools to make life easier.

1. Search Engines

The key online tool that most consumers still use is the humble Search Engine. Without it, consumers have no way to break through the billions of hours of online clutter to get to the products or services they are looking for. So while using social media can bring attention to your company, search engines can help reach the people who are looking for the types of products or services your company offers.

2. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an easy way to get your message out there and at the top of a search engine list. Level the playing field with the bigger companies and more established brands by identifying what your clients are looking for and directing them to your door. Incorporating relevant keywords into your content will reduce the chance of a potential client only discovering your brand by chance. It also directs people who are looking for the kind of product and services you offer to your site. This can make the difference between just participating and actually winning the race!

3. Mobile Apps

Since the introduction of Smartphones, the importance of making your website mobile friendly has been growing. In fact, nowadays more consumers access the internet on their phones rather than on a desktop. This trend means that the mobile part of your website is more likely than not the primary entry point for the purchase of your products or services. But this importance goes further, as your entire brand experience can be affected by the amount of time and effort spent on developing a strong mobile presence.

4. Chat Bot Features

The opportunity to chat with a live representative gives an interactive and personalized experience to visitors when looking around your site. Rather than them having to scroll through an FAQ page, a dynamic live chat option provides direct engagement and a chance to find out what people actually want! They feel appreciated with the instant service, and as a company it gives you the opportunity to pinpoint issues or trends directly from your customer’s live feedback.

5. CMS (Content Management System)

Getting the best out of your CMS is a not a substitute for great content, but it is a framework to help boost your success. Effective content management provides multi-level access that will adapt as your business changes and expand with your company by providing different levels of access and functionality. An investment in the most advanced CMS system you can afford may be the edge your company needs to put it ahead of your competition.

6. Coupon Deals

Everyone loves a deal and coupon sites have amassed a vast following of diverse consumers by offering quick solutions for local businesses to compete with larger national and international brands. With limited time discounts, your brand can gain mass exposure and an influx of new clients. And while the discounts may be an expense, the goal here is to get people to browse and experience what sets your company apart. An added bonus is that the same system will help retain clients and build loyalty giving you an ongoing and flexible way to boost sales over time.

7. Think Global but Network Local

Reaching out to your local community is a great way to build brand loyalty and awareness.  By joining local business networking groups, you will not only meet potential new clients, but you will be able to develop key relationships without the travel expenses. Getting involved in online communities is an easy ground level entry point to build awareness and get feedback.

Mastering more than one technological platform and visual style is now the key to effective marketing. For example, live streaming and video feeds on multiple social sites such as Facebook and Instagram can quickly get your message out to a wide audience at a low cost.

Mike Tortorice

Mike Tortorice is the SEO and Digital Marketing Manager at Infront Webworks in Colorado Springs, CO. Mike has been in the digital marketing space for over 10 years developing sound marketing strategies for thousands of clients in the process. An avid skier and hiker who loves all things digital. Mike’s passion is a result of being able to help businesses succeed in the digital landscape.


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