6 Must-Try Lead Generation Tactics for Growth in 2023


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Friday, March 31, 2023

Feeling like your lead generation strategy needs a refresh? Try out these 6 tactics to grow your email list and customer base.

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6 Must-Try Lead Generation Tactics for Growth in 2023

Generating fresh leads is a challenge for any business. When you are just starting out, you need to overcome your relative anonymity. When you become an established, trusted brand, you find it increasingly hard to reach new audience segments.

Here are six lead generation tactics you can implement this year that can help you get unstuck and grow your email list:

1. Offer a gift in exchange for contact details

One of the best ways to generate leads is to offer them something for free. The most straightforward digital product you can put together reasonably well is a piece of gated content.

Try to think beyond just the obvious ebook. You can also do a course, a printable checklist or a set of video tutorials. Your goal is to provide clear value to your audience, something they’ll actually be able to put to good use.

Look at SellerPlex and their lead magnet. They’ve clearly highlighted the benefits: grow a 7-figure business with their 15+ templates and procedures. They’ve also packaged it very well as a free gift for their valued visitors.

SellerPlex lead magnet example

Source: sellerplex.com

Note that they’ve also nailed pop-up timing. The offer appears when you top the lower third of the page, as well as when you show exit intent.

2. Offer a free consultation or demo

Product demos and free consultations are other free items you can offer your leads in exchange for contact details. This tactic also effectively qualifies your leads and takes data gathering to a whole new level.

Cold leads will rarely book a demo. They may be interested in your product, but they’re not yet ready to take time out of their day to talk with you. Leads who do decide to book a call are ready to convert, as they are prepared to invest the time for the call.

The communication leading up to the call lets you create a bespoke experience for each lead. In order to speak about their specific needs, you will need them to share information you can use to personalize your low-key sales pitch during the call.

Trustshoring, for example, requires all of their potential clients to go through an initial free discovery consultation. In order to book it, you need to describe your project in some detail. That makes it much easier for the company to match you with the right development team and tailor their pitch to your specific needs.

Trustshoring consulation offering example

Source: trustshoring.com

3. Highlight the pricing

One of the biggest obstacles to converting is the price of a certain product or service. The clearer you’re able to be about the amount(s) you charge for certain products or services, the more hookable your leads will be.

Note that this tactic does not work in isolation as a lead generation tool (although it can boost your conversion rates). You also need a clear conversion CTA added to the mix.

For example, Evernote provides details about their different plans right on their homepage. They focus on the benefits of each package and then send you on to compare pricing and features.

Career Sidekick does something similar. But since their service is completely free, they clearly note this fact repeatedly, encouraging leads to put their resume maker to good use.

Career Sidekick pricing highlight example

Source: careersidekick.com

4. Unleash the real potential of social media

Social media is arguably one of the best lead generation platforms available to you. However, that statement stands only if you treat your potential leads as flesh and blood humans and don’t merely abuse your LinkedIn presence to push sales.

Let’s look at an example to grasp this point better. The partnerships manager at Quantox Technologies does a brilliant job of using his LinkedIn profile to dispel common software outsourcing myths. He’s not only starting a valuable conversation but also drawing attention to his company as a reputable service provider.

Some of his posts are genuinely meant to do nothing more than shout out other people’s successes. This kind of networking pays off in the long run, as his contacts are highly likely to recommend him to their own network.

Use LinkedIn to share insights and connect with the buyers you want to convert without making the conversion your top priority. Organic and truly meaningful connections always generate the most leads.

5. Set up a referral program

Incentivizing others to promote your product or service via an affiliate program is an affordable and effective way to grow your lead base. All you have to do is provide a chunk of your earnings to the person who provided the referral.

This tactic can save you and your sales team a lot of time, especially if you partner with influencers, however small, who carry some weight in their own community. Here’s a good example of an affiliate program page from Link Whisper. They have clearly outlined the way the program works and how you can manage it, plus how much you will be earning with each commission.

Link Whisperer referral program example

Source: linkwhisper.com

Remember to carefully vet the affiliates who apply to your program, as you don’t want to be associated with just about anyone. Yes, you do want as many leads as possible, but you also want them to come from a highly reputable source.

6. Share your clients’ success

Another great way to generate more leads is to cleverly blend your case studies and testimonials into a powerful storytelling tool that clearly demonstrates the value of your product or service.

OptiMonk has implemented this tactic brilliantly. They have chosen one of their clients, BlendJet, to demonstrate what kinds of results you can expect via a case study. They also have several testimonials from the brand’s CEO that highlight the key benefits of OptiMonk, and how they tie into said results.

OptiMonk success stories example

Source: optimonk.com

They feature other video testimonials on the page too, which only add to the depth and breadth of the story.

Final thoughts

Try these six lead generation tactics to grow your business in 2023. Note that some will require a significant investment and that you’ll also need time to get them up and running. However, when executed correctly, all of them can start bringing in fresh qualified leads that you should have little trouble converting with the right kinds of landing pages.

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