The 101 of Creating Branded Videos to Re-Open After Lockdown


Tom HopkinsManaging Director of One Productions

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

If you're looking to re-open in the aftermath of the COVID-19, a branded video could be the ideal way to both announce this and reconnect with your customers.

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The 101 of Creating Branded Videos to Re-Open After Lockdown

In this time of monumental disruption and upheaval, unpredictability has started to feel like its own kind of normal. We’re living in a time of snap lockdowns, being on standby for cancelled plans and new public legislation and recommendations passing overnight. It’s a strange time and we’re all constantly making adjustments.

For businesses, the difficulties are apparent across the board. Navigating these times is hard and regardless of the industry you’re operating in, there’s innumerable things to factor into every single decision. Despite the constant state of flux, one profound aspect of who we are as human beings remains the exact same: we’re wired for proper connection. Don’t mistake this to be reference to internet connectivity. Instead, look at this from the standpoint of how we establish and maintain relationships with one another. It’s important in normal times (just think about how much people miss the tiniest social aspects of life pre-COVID) and when we’re feeling the vulnerability of isolation, quarantine and volatility, connection plays a vital role in our wellbeing.

For businesses, video is an essential tool for meaningfully bridging the distance we feel due to lockdowns, remote services and automated processes. As a medium, video powerfully fulfils a range of goals as an inclusive, engaging, entertaining, educational, accessible and customizable format. While it’s no surprise that video has been a lifeline over the last year, it’s the micro-trends that are of real importance for businesses who need dynamic ways to connect with their customers from afar. Falon Fatemi explains this in a piece for Forbes writing:

“The pandemic has shown us that the future of video is more than about streaming wars. It’s a battle for how to create content that empowers viewers to engage with relatable content, level up their skills, find happiness, and quell stress. In all likelihood, the trends we’re seeing now will forever change the future of video.”

With this in mind, One Productions developed this infographic as a resource for anyone looking to connect with their community and stakeholders. Exploring the range of ways video can be used for businesses that are closed, preparing to reopen or both, the graphic is all about creating qualitative and quantitative value in a personable way. Read on for the full guide below including an explainer on the 7 types of video to try right here and now whether you’re business to customer (B2C) or business to business (B2B).

How to Create a Branded Video to Engage Customers When Reopening Your Business

Tom Hopkins

Tom is the Managing Director of One Productions – a video production company based in Dublin, Ireland. 


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