What is Video Content Marketing (And How Will This Affect Your Business)?


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Friday, January 12, 2018

You can no longer ignore the rise of video content marketing and its effect on businesses. Let’s show you how you can leverage its potential for the benefit of your business.

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What is Video Content Marketing (And How Will This Affect Your Business)?

Video is the new face of content marketing, and its effectiveness is not a mere observation but a proven truth.  Statistics show that video content gets more engagement and converts better compared to both text and graphic content. The demand for video content is growing at a rapid pace because it correlates better with the always-on-the-go lifestyle of today.

What is Video Content Marketing?

Effective marketing is based on a valuable and engaging communication with your audience.  For an influential and successful marketing campaign, you need useful content that solves buyers’ problems or answers their questions and concerns. Video content marketing is by far the most powerful medium to get your message across to your audience.

Video content marketing is based on the principle of creating and distributing useful, interesting, and consistent video content to engage, build trust, and encourage your target audience to become customers.


According to Hubspot, 43% of the general public prefers video content, and 51.9% of marketing professionals recommend video content marketing for the best ROI. Embedding video in a landing page increases conversions by 80% while emails with videos see an increase of 200-300% in click-through rate.

How Does Video Marketing Affect Your Business?

The landscape of digital space and content marketing has changed dramatically over the last few years thanks to technological advancements.  It has become cheaper and hence accessible to virtually everyone in the world. In the same pace, the focus of content marketing has shifted from manufacturers to consumers. Today, a marketing campaign succeeds if it fulfills the needs of its audience, solves their problems and adds values to their lives.

Any business that is unable to leverage the power of video marketing will feel crippled and won’t be able to keep pace in the long run.  Let’s look at some of the ways rise of video content marketing affects your business.

1. Promotes Brand Recall

People remember what they’ve seen and heard better than what they’ve read.  Videos capture your auditory and visual senses and with the clever use of words, video content gives you an opportunity to captivate the thoughts and imagination of your audience. For effective brand recall, use the same color theme, fonts and logo that you would use in your text-based content.

2. Corporate Video Content

Corporate video content has taken video marketing to a whole new level of engagement and enticement. This powerful type of video tells the story and the philosophy behind a brand.  It educates the audience about their problem, tells them why they need a product or service and how it’s the best solution to their problems.  These videos excite the audience about the proposed solution, and when the message resonates, it calls them to action.  

3. Video Content is Inherently Viral

One of the biggest advantages of video content is that it’s viral in nature. If people like a video, they tend to share it more, compared to a piece of text that they’ve read.  Statistics report that videos are shared 1200% more as compared to links and text combined.  Estimates suggest that 92% of people who watch videos on mobile devices tend to share them with their friends. Imagine the reach your message gets with video content alone.

Moreover, 46% of viewers respond to the CTA of a video content. Therefore, no business can succeed in this fast pace market without the help of video content marketing.

How to Get the Most Out of Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing can be effective but only if it’s a consistent and well-integrated part of your overall marketing strategy.  A few random videos, no matter how exciting, won’t be able to invoke favorable consumer action. Therefore, you need to remember:

  • A compelling video marketing strategy requires a clear, achievable goal.  
  • Video content needs to communicate your USP to the audience.
  • Audience insight is a strong pillar of your marketing strategy as a whole, and no video content can be effective without an in-depth knowledge of the needs of your target audience.  You need to discover the precise message that will resonate with your audience and what will make them act.
  • Study the gaps in the content of your competitors and use them as opportunities to offer something unique in your video content.  
  • Each part of your marketing funnel needs a video that caters to the needs of buyers at that stage in the funnel.  Depending on where you are in a video content marketing funnel, you may produce testimonials, video sales letters, product demonstrations, or instructional videos.
  • Once your video has generated the desired effect, there should be straightforward CTAs in sight to move the customer along the funnel.

How to Measure the Effectiveness of Video Content

Measuring the effectiveness of your video marketing content is not a difficult chore. The engagement your video gets is a good scale to measure its success.  The more views, shares, and comments a video receives, the higher the ranking it gets from search engines.  It’s a simple recipe for better SEO, and YouTube stats are enough to give you a proper insight.

  • The number of views tells you the about the reach of your message.
  • Social shares give you an insight as to which social platform is responding more to your content.  
  • Traffic sources help you determine how to tweak your future content or strategy to drive more traffic.
  • Demographics show you whether your video is reaching your target audience or not. Video content will only convert if it's reaching the intended target audience.   

Video content is a valuable approach to marketing and is going to be the single most effective way to establish your credibility in the future marketplace.  Video is the perfect medium to create rapport with your audience. The trust, credibility, and transparency offered by video content makes the audience confident of their choices and buying decisions.

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