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Research The Future of Events

The Future of Events

The ROI of an All-Virtual & Hybrid Approach to Events

Hopin provides an all-in-one platform that integrates and unifies event management tools, making it easy for organizers and sponsors to plan, produce, and promote virtual, hybrid, and on-site events that are engaging experiences for attendees. With the goal of illustrating how virtual and hybrid events can be the cornerstone of a dynamic event strategy, our research revealed that Hopin’s end-to-end, flexible, modular, scalable platform allows customers to increase the reach and frequency of events while reducing event costs.

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This report focuses on the ROI of virtual and hybrid events and showcases the revenue, operational, productivity, security, and financial value-drivers for Hopin customers—to reduce costs by as much as 50% while reaching and engaging with audiences as much as 10x larger than traditional in-person events.

Take your in-person events to the next level

Open the doors to greater audience engagement and accessibility with virtual and hybrid events.