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Ebook How to Deliver 6-Figure Value to Virtual Event Sponsors

How to Deliver 6-Figure Value to Virtual Event Sponsors

A guide on how your event teams can secure six-figure sponsorship revenue from your virtual events.

Virtual events offer an engaging, accessible, and environmentally-friendly addition/alternative to in-person events. And demand is surging, with videoconferencing apps experiencing a record in one 62 million downloads week in March 2020. But the process of relocating, or bridging, an event from the conference hall to the computer raises a question for event organizers around the world: How do you communicate the value of your virtual event to potential sponsors?

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Choosing the right virtual platform for your event can be a tough choice, but in order to offer the substantial value packages to your sponsors that are covered in this report, you’ll need features that allow for an increased level of interaction for your attendees at the event.

One platform, endless potential

Create immersive virtual and hybrid event experiences for your audience, no matter where they are.