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Report Magento Delivering the Ultimate Omnichannel Retail Experience

Delivering the Ultimate Omnichannel Retail Experience

Modern consumers, empowered by the internet and mobile devices, have redefined what it means to be a successful retailer. This report explores the future of retail...

Omnichannel isn’t about making a quicker, cheaper sale with fewer human touch-points: it’s about creating a system which lets you to nurture your customers at every step of their buyer’s journey. This whitepaper describes how well connected eCommerce and marketing teams and systems are crucial for a true omnichannel approach.

Report Snap Shot

  • Why automated, real-time marketing messages are the most effective way to communicate with your customer
  • Web and email personalisation tips for omnichannel merchants 
  • Why an email address is your unique identifier 
  • 3 tried and tested marketing methods to drive customers to your site and stores