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Report Progress Your Personalization Checklist

Your Personalization Checklist

As you implement a personalization strategy, use this checklist to make sure you have all the answers and tools you need for success.

With 66% of consumers saying personalized offers and content have had an impact on their purchasing decisions, it is time to get started and reap the rewards of personalization. Knowing where to begin on your personalization strategy can be a challenge and so this checklist will take you through the key questions to identify buyer personas and metrics to measure success. It will also help you to put the right tools in place and structure a launch plan, from segmenting your audience, to refining messaging and optimization.

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This handy checklist will cover the 3 key steps to implement to get personalization right. It'll explore:

  • The key questions you need to ask yourself
  • The tools you need to grow and succeed
  • The launch plan for creating your personalization program