Sending Success: Tips for Effective Email Marketing


Alex StoeberData Strategy Expert at Verias

Thursday, September 12, 2019

The ideal marketing tool can help you reach an unlimited number of people anytime, anywhere in the world with a message that targets them individually. Fortunately for marketers, this communication mode exists in the form of email marketing. When sending emails to subscribers, you gain the ability to connect with prospects in a way that would have been impossible with traditional methods.

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Sending Success: Tips for Effective Email Marketing

However, your business isn’t the only one with this power. Your competitors are most assuredly using the same tools to capture the same audience. Plus, your clients’ inboxes are more than likely filled with all types of messages from various sources all competing for their attention.

So, how can you ensure that the messages from your email marketing campaigns aren’t falling through the cracks?

Try utilizing some tried-and-true techniques that can help boost your click-through rate and maximize your efforts. For instance, having clear and concise subject lines will help your messages get through spam filters, as well as elevate the chances that a customer will click on them.

Too many marketers also forget the importance of optimizing their emails for mobile screens and desktops. The majority are read on a smartphone or tablet today, so it’s crucial to keep that in mind when formatting.

Studies have found that email campaigns earn an average of $38 for every dollar spent on them, but that’s only if they do their job. For more tips to improve your email marketing success rate, see the infographic below.

Verias shares tips for effective email marketing

Alex Stoeber

Alex Stoeber is a detail-oriented data strategy expert at Verias, specializing in helping companies with their lead generation effectiveness. He has experience in reducing brands’ risk in sending email & SMS by identifying harmful or outdated data that impacts sending reputation.


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