10 Excellent Email Marketing Tips from The Beatles


Daniel KohnCEO and Co-founder of SmartMail

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Email marketing is HARD! With so many components to get right, it can be difficult to know where to begin and how to continue, especially when it comes to email marketing for eCommerce.

Infographic 4 Minutes
10 Excellent Email Marketing Tips from the Beatles

At SmartMail, one of the few things we love as much as email are The Beatles. What started as a joke turned into an infographic...check out these email marketing tips and best practices from The Beatles.

Email marketing best practices and tips from The Beatles

Daniel Kohn

Daniel Kohn is the CEO and co-founder of SmartMail, a company that helps eCommerce stores and online retailers increase sales, average order value, and lifetime customer value with smarter email marketing strategies. You can download SmartMail's Free eCommerce Email Template Bundle which includes 35 high converting email campaign templates to help jump start your eCommerce email marketing program.


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