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Report Canto Scaling Digital Content Creation in Today’s Workplace

Scaling Digital Content Creation in Today’s Workplace

Modernising digital asset management is crucial for employee productivity - and your business

When offices transitioned to working remotely in March of 2020, it wasn’t clear whether that change would be temporary or permanent. More than a year later, it’s clear that hybrid work environments are here to stay. Organisations need to have the right technology in place to create, organise, and share their digital content in order to meet business goals. Download this report and discover some of the challenges faced by organisations in this new environment, and how the organisations that are using a digital asset management platform experience fewer pain points and enjoy better results compared to those relying on legacy systems or less specialised software.

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Key findings:

  • The modern workplace demands more sophisticated management of digital assets
  • Pain points persist despite reported satisfaction
  • Digitally mature groups see fewer pain points, better results