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Case Study golfbreaks-content-management-system

Golfbreaks Shoots a Hole in One with their New CMS

The benefits of migrating to a headless CMS

Golfbreaks found that the Episerver CMS they were using made it difficult to deliver consistent branding across the different sites. The lack of governance and consistency was eroding the corporate brand. By switching CMS, Golfbreaks were able to have an accessible, single source of truth for content while enabling governance over content and design.

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Since migrating to Contentstack’s content management system, Golfbreaks found the following: 

  • They can now spin up a new site 80% faster than with their previous CMS
  • By going headless, the marketing team can now focus on writing quality content rather than designing website pages 
  • Golfbreaks can publish content 90% faster, ensuring their content is consistent and up to date