How to Map Your Customer Journey


Garret NorrisFounder and CEO of Healthy Business Builder and Business Coaches Sydney

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Mapping the customer journey is an important process that all organizations must do to fully understand how and what their customers experience as they interact and transact with the business.

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How to Map Your Customer Journey [Infographic]

It is also imperative for a company to become more customer-centric nowadays - as this is what the modern consumer expects - and to establish their unique competitive edge in the market to stand out.

When done correctly, customer journey mapping can provide your company with an accurate outside customer perspective. Through this method, you will be able to pinpoint your customer’s needs with each interaction, your business’ efficiency at meeting these needs, and which areas still need to be improved on.

The actual process, however, is quite complex and requires thorough consideration of a few factors to become successful. Among these factors are the requirement for significant customer insight-driven inputs and internal buy-in. Not taking these factors into careful consideration will only make your customer journey mapping useless, or may even lead your team and strategy astray.

To help you effectively map out your customers’ journey, here are six tips and tricks that you need to know, as seen in this infographic by Healthy Business Builder.

Healthy Business Builder provides hints and tips on customer journey mapping

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