How to Create Customer Loyalty Through Outstanding Online Order Packaging


Alexis TokarskyDirector of Marketing for Chicago Tag & Label

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Standing out from the crowd of ecommerce brands is now more important than ever and one way to do this is through packaging. While its main purpose is to deliver goods as safely and cost effectively as possible, there is a strong correlation between smart packaging design and customer loyalty. Here is a brief look into that relationship along with a few strategies brands can utilize to capitalize on it.

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How to Create Customer Loyalty Through Outstanding Online Order Packaging

First, just how impactful is ecommerce packaging? A growing collection of research shows it has real potential to increase sales, drive customer loyalty and boost a brand’s potential reach. It can also help to decrease the number of returns and its associated costs. All of which can have a significant effect on an organization’s profitability and overall success.

In fact, a recent survey found approximately 52% of online shoppers who received their order in custom packaging said they were more likely to order from that same company again as a result. What’s more, today’s consumers believe a product’s packaging to be nearly as important as the brand itself.

Brands often wonder just what it takes to make a lasting impression. Not to worry, there are numerous popular and effective approaches they can take into consideration. The first is to ensure the box arrives undamaged and presentable. As such, investing in sturdy packaging which is up to the task of fast packing, loading and delivery is essential.

To make a package more appealing, there can be elements of customization, decoration or branding in the outer design. The goal is to make the customer’s unboxing experience more exciting as well as to spark pleasant feelings as soon as it lands on the doorstep.

There are also tactics involving what goes inside the box to consider. From free samples and discounted product offers to a personalized thank-you note, there are many ways to let patrons know you appreciate and value their business. Knowing which “gift” to include and the best timing often requires research into the target market and its demographics. However, there are some tried and true methods any company can employ without breaking the bank. The key to success is going the extra mile with a meaningful gesture the customer is sure to notice.

Nowadays, adding such inserts or otherwise enhancing the packaging with a little creativity has become an essential marketing tactic. Fortunately, it’s an easy and relatively inexpensive change capable of paying out big time when done right.

For further information and additional examples on how to make packaging stand out, take a look at the infographic below.

Chicago Tag Label infographic on how packaging increases customer loyalty

Alexis Tokarsky

Alexis Tokarsky is Director of Marketing for Chicago Tag & Label, which manufactures custom forms and labels. Tokarsky has 12 years of experience in the packaging industry and focuses on delivering quality, service and value through its innovative print solutions to various industries including retail, e-commerce, distribution and medical.


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