7 Helpful Things Salesforce Can Do (That You Never Knew About)


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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Salesforce has the potential to be a resource that can make sales teams more effective, but are you making the most of it?

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7 Helpful Things Salesforce Can Do (That You Never

Many sales teams use Salesforce as a way to make them more efficient in their roles, helping to generate leads and even convert them. But are you using this popular software to its full potential?

There are loads of tips and tricks that most Salesforce users don't know about that could help you and your team get much more out of it.

Here are just seven helpful things to make you a Salesforce master:

1. Integrate Salesforce Search in Chrome

By right clicking the Salesforce search box, you can make it a search engine in Chrome. Just choose save as search engine and set the keyword as sf and you can search Salesforce without having to open a separate program. Simply type your keyword - sf - and then what you want to find in a new tab in Chrome.

There are also a variety of Chrome extensions that can make it easier to use Salesforce from the browser, including those that integrate Ebsta and Sandbox.

2. Use Geckoboard to create dashboards

Use your existing reports to build dashboards, allowing you to see everything that's going on in a much easier way. Connect your Salesforce account to Geckoboard and any reports you already have (along with their associated groupings, filters and custom objects) and you can then select from these when you go to build your dashboard. 

3. Email Alerts

Create email alert triggers for certain events that you want to keep a closer eye on. This needs to be set up by an admin but can help create more transparency across the team without having to communicate every step.

4. Send an email with pre-populated information

You can use custom buttons to put pre-populated information onto specific pages in Salesforce, which can be super handy when sending out emails or reports to customers or leads. Using this technique allows fields like To, From, Subject, Body, BCC and CC to be automatically filled in for you, so you can easily edit it as you need to without having to write it from scratch.

5. Send reports with custom information filled in

Working in a similar way to the email templates, you can build buttons or links on records to have reports load with the right information already put in. You'll need to create a template to get the Report ID and then use this to create your custom buttons. This Salesforce report hack can save you time and makes it less likely for errors to occur.

6. The Power of One

If you are viewing hundreds of accounts, then the way Salesforce displays its accounts and opportunities can be confusing, making it difficult to differentiate between the two. However, you can make it more accurate with 'The Power of One' hack. Again, this needs to be set up by an admin but can make it much easier to get more visibility on your accounts.

7. Amending page layouts with sales cycle progress

You can set it so your page layouts change as accounts progress through the sales cycle, making it easier for you to see which are stagnating and need more attention in the immediate future.

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