15 of the Biggest and Best Sales Events to Go to Around the World


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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Networking is an integral part of being successful in sales, but are these events in your diary?

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15 of the Biggest and Best Sales Events to Go to A

If you want to be successful in the sales industry, you need to make the right connections, and that means knowing about and being prepared for the biggest and best events relevant to you. 

Here are 15 that you need to put in your diary right now:

1. DreamForce

Perhaps the biggest sales event in anyone's diary, DreamForce attracts celebrity speakers like Michelle Obama and Susan Wojcicki, as well as sales' top thought leaders. It takes place in San Francisco, CA, every November and tickets fly off the shelves.

2. Sirius Decisions Summit

Austin, TX, is the location of choice for Sirius Decisions Summit 2019 and focuses on using research to make data-based decisions to attract more, higher-value sales.  The event attracts thousands of professionals across the three days.

3. Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker's Revenue Summit is run each March in San Francisco, CA, and brings together some of the biggest movers and shakers in B2B sales. It focuses on taking brands to the next level by encouraging better cross-team strategies and making the most of innovative trends.

4. Internet Hungary

Internet Hungary is held in Siofok, Hungary and looks at where sales meets marketing. The two-day conference focuses on how to attract customers and ensure that your business is ready for 2019.

5. Rainmaker

This three-day event promises to deliver something for everyone and is specifically focused on those working in sales development and leadership. Rainmaker - in Atlanta, GA - brings in 1,500+ attendees and more than 70 speakers.


Hubspot's INBOUND event brings in more than 20,000 sales and marketing professionals to Boston, MA each September. With such a big crowd, it's no surprise that past speakers have included everyone from John Cena to Arianna Huffington.

7. Traction

Each August, Vancouver hosts Traction. Although it's in its infancy, this conference has gained a loyal following of sales professionals and entrepreneurs. Traction revolves around attracting and keeping customers.

8. InOrbit

Each March, Slovenia hosts Europe's leading marketing conference that every salesperson needs to have in their dairies. Not only does InOrbit look at how to attract customers, but it focuses on the sales funnel and ROI as top priorities when it comes to marketing to them.

9. SaaStock

Dublin is the location for SaaStock each October and brings the greatest minds in sales tech together. It's an exciting event for those who want to really go that extra mile at work and find opportunities others just don't.

10. Hypergrowth

If you want to focus on networking rather than listening, then Hypergrowth is the event for you. With just one stage, there's less choice than at others but it gives you time to speak to other like-minded sales and marketing leaders. It takes place each September in Boston and San Francisco.

11. AA-ISP Leadership Summit

Chicago hosts the AA-ISP Leadership Summit every April and the likes of Microsoft and LinkedIn sponsor it. It attracts the biggest names in sales and will focus on overcoming challenges in the year ahead.

12. Sales Machine

Sales Machine gets down to the nitty gritty of how to run a more effective and profitable sales team. Hosted in New York City each June, the event covers everything from branding a company to the most valuable strategies.

13. Connect to Convert

Branding itself the world's leading conference on customer acquisition, conversion and retention strategies, you shouldn't need much persuading to head to LeadsCon's Connect to Covert. It takes place in Boston, MA each October.

14. Sales 3.0

With multiple locations across the US and dates throughout the year, Sales 3.0 is one event you can surely put in your calendar. Combine its flexibility with engaging topics like sales coaching, artificial intelligence and the power of getting your mind in the game, and you really won't want to miss it.

15. Unleash

If you've been holding out for something a little different, then Unleash in San Diego, CA, could be for you. Sales and marketing influencers come together in this high-octane event, which promises the unexpected and a "baller" gala.

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